Telecom & Cloud Concierge Services

MPD Telesolutions boasts of a history of countless hours devoted to finding ways to save on communications and data services without sacrificing quality, and we’re proud of our president’s award-winning careers both on and off the field. However, what makes MPD truly stand out among the pack is our unique package of telecom and cloud concierge services, which are designed to hit the sweet spot of value-for-expenditure.

Upgrade Path Audits

Telecom services and their required hardware are no longer something a business should be upgrading via trips to the local office-supply store; instead, they have become an integral and vital piece of any business’s strategies. MPD Telesolutions begins working with you by producing audits of your current hardware and by conducting interviews to understand your specific needs.

From there, MPD builds for you a forward-looking, all-in-one turnkey solution that can fully transition your office to a virtual environment–often within a few weeks. That solution is then configured so that it’s pointed in the right direction from the start.

Lifecycle Management

MPD also ensures that you receive expert lifecycle management. We aim to keep each piece of hardware in place as long as possible without becoming a drag on the network.

Modern unified communications networks are designed for this sort of ROI maximization, because they employ standardized, cloud-based operating systems that intelligently utilize each piece of hardware to bring about the longest-possible useful life.

Virtual Help Desk Services

One of the most beneficial cloud services to arise in recent years is the virtual help desk system. MPD realized long before most that, with VoIP usage becoming so ubiquitous, there was really no reason for help desk services to have a physical location at all.

Certified and customer-focused experts working from home, recruited by knowledgeable trainers, provide all their own equipment, including phones. Then, we set up oversight that understands exactly how valuable honest customer service is to your business.

Telecom Expense Management

How would your business benefit from being able to simply pay one agreed-upon monthly data fee, based on your usage, which covered all of your communications at once?

MPD Telesolutions’ Data-as-a-Service packages include financial records responsibilities that greatly simplify both your IT and overall communications budgets simultaneously.  In addition, they give you the power to see detailed breakdowns of your books through secure connections.  You then pay the monthly bill through true everything-in-one invoicing, knowing that detailed records are always just a few clicks away.

MPD Telesolutions concierge services work for you–so that you can focus on the bottom line.

How much more focused could your business be on clients and services if your combined unified communications became as reliable as electricity? What if they were simply there where you need them?

MPD’s telecom and cloud concierge services give you back your lost time while greatly reducing expenditures via technology that opens up an entire spectrum of new possibilities for connecting your staff to your customers and to one other.