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Strategic Partners

Top 10 Benefits of Partnering with MPD Telesolutions

As telecom and IT technologies continue to converge, many VARs and MSPs may think they need to build telecom and cloud expertise in-house. But there’s a better way! When you partner with MPD Telesolutions as your outsourced telecom and cloud resource, we not only help you grow your revenues, we increase the value you deliver to your clients – all at minimal cost to you. Here are ten reasons you should partner with us.

1) Increase revenues, not expenses

When you put MPD Telesolutions on your team, you get telecom and cloud services that compliment your IT product and service offerings, allowing you to provide end-to-end solutions. What’s more, you get competitive incentives and residual fees on referrals that build your company’s revenue streams without adding to your headcount.

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2) Focus on what you do best

With MPD Telesolutions handling your clients’ telecom and cloud, your team can focus on providing the products and services it knows best. As your resource, we take care of everything from assessing needs, auditing contracts and migrating phone systems, to managing equipment life cycles and help desk services.

3) Build your reputation as a trusted advisor

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Your clients rely on you for your knowledge and expertise. When you bring in MPD Telesolutions, you enhance your reputation as their trusted advisor. MPD’s leadership team is well known in the telecom industry for its know-how, professionalism, client commitment, and personal service. Our clients tell us we’re one of the good guys in the telecom business.

4) Protect your client base

When we meet with your clients as your trusted telecom and cloud partner, we’ve got your back. We will keep your clients happy – and happy with you – by reducing their monthly telecom costs while upgrading their quality of service. You won’t need to worry about other telecom providers coming in with their IT experts and stealing your business.

5) Leverage telecom savings to meet IT goals

When MPD Telesolutions experts audit and consolidate your client’s telecom bills, it typically frees up funds that can be reallocated to the IT project work you’ve proposed. It’s a win-win!

6) Work with a partner interested in your growth

Partnering with MPD is more than just trading sales leads. We will work with you to set quarterly and annual goals around your clients’ telecom needs and then help you achieve them.

7) Put more opportunities in your pipeline

When you start the telecom and cloud discussion with your clients, it gives you more opportunities to be in front of them and uncover ways to grow your own lines of business.

8) Tap our sales expertise

Selling telecom and cloud services may not be in your sales team’s comfort zone. We get it. That’s why we’re whizzes at working closely with your team to plan and conduct joint sales calls, perform telecom needs assessments, address prospects’ concerns, and close sales. You will find our expertise fits in seamlessly with that of your sales team.

9) Offer your clients supplier-neutral solutions

We have excellent relationships with most major telecom and cloud carriers, which enables us to recommend the optimal telecom solutions for your clients’ needs and specifications. This means your client will get the best supplier options, at the most competitive rates.

10) Get a one-stop shop for all your clients’ telecom needs

Whether it’s a telecom audit and contract restructuring or specifying and installing a VOIP system, MPD Telesolutions can provide your clients with a full range of telecom and cloud products or services. We keep our fingers on the pulse of evolving technology, which allows us to develop solutions that increase your clients’ efficiency and productivity.

If you’re ready to move ahead of the pack and partner with an industry leader in telecommunications and cloud solutions, contact our president, Matt DeGennaro at or 732.441.7408, x4181.