About Us

It’s undeniable: Nothing breeds success like success.

When a leader like Matt DeGennaro, who has found success on both a personal and a group level, is at the helm of a multimillion-dollar company, it translates into positive results for those with whom MPD Telesolutions partners. Throughout his remarkable career, DeGennaro has demonstrated repeatedly that success does breed success for all those involved.

From DeGennaro’s history-making run as quarterback for the University of Connecticut, to his rapid rise through the marketing and management ranks from true “in the trenches” insurance sales work and upwards, he understands the human element that so many data-driven companies lack.

That direct, hands-on experience means that MPD Telesolutions hasn’t forgotten the human touch in the rush to turn all communications digital. MPD Telesolutions has the know-how to take a client off of last century’s copper-wire systems and into an always-available, go-anywhere, WiFi-based virtualized voice and data communications architecture. MPD Telesolutions’ combined experience enables the business to offer personalized solutions based on case-by-case data collection–not rote, one-size-fits-all solutions borrowed from blogs.

An MPD-managed unified communications system can be rapidly maintained, diagnosed, and repaired with guaranteed speed and up-time levels that are tailored to provide maximum advantages to those who understand they’re competing on a very large playing field.

The same winning strategic spirit extends to the network services that MPD Telesolutions provides. MPD can cut through the fog of hype, presenting data-driven solutions for future-proofed, cost-cutting, data-driven answers that are built around both convenience and reliability while backed by partners selected over more than a decade of direct service.

DeGennnaro’s broad base of experience is also what attracts MPD’s hand-picked technical experts, who understand that every network is different and that the unexpected seems to happen more frequently these days. MPD has keen insight into customer needs, motivations, and trends, all of which allow businesses to streamline their systems, cut their data bills, and provide superior service to their own customers in turn.